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April 18, 2014
Phone and Tablet Apps - Three mobile apps are currently in development for There will be an Android, Windows 8, and iOS app available. If not at launch, we will get them out a month or two after launch. They will not be anything spectactular, but they will let you do what you need to do via a mobile app on your desired platform.

April 4, 2014
Pricing and new site details - Things are coming together, so let me explain the latest details regarding the new system. First, the cost for Home/Visiting Teaching will be $1.25 per month ($15 per year). Using the system for other purposes will have a higher monthly cost. You will be able to add as much credit as you want and the system will automatically deduct from your balance until it has expired Therefore, you will still be able to make an annual payment just like with the existing system. This cost includes 250 Email message notifications per month. Anything beyond the 250 Email messages will be charged at 1 cent per message. Text and voice notifications will be charged at 3 cents and 6 cents respectively, but you will have the ability to turn these features off. Only reporters will have the ability to enable text and voice notifications for themselves. All reporters will be required to opt-in to your campaign. Some features will not be available immediately and will be future enhancements such as events. We will get these features added in the coming months. The old system ( will remain functional until we can add all of its features. If you have any quesitons or concerns, please contact us.

March 13, 2014
NEW SITE NAME ANNOUNCED: - The new site name will be I put up a quick and dirty coming soon page. We're shooting for May, 2014 for a release time.

February 21, 2014
New Report: - It is much easier to use than the current one and looks great on all mobile devices and tablets. In about one more month and the new system should be fully functional.

January 17, 2014
New System Scheduler: - In the new system, "Groups" are now called "Campaigns." Users can set up as many campaigns as they want, but will only be able to administer the campaigns they create or are given permission to. Notifications to reporters are a lot more flexibile too. To keep it simple, you will get the below options for sending notifications when setting up a campaign. You will, however, be able to customize this after creating the campaign by adding additional notifications and a percentage. The percentage determines how far into the campaign you want that notification to be sent to the reporters.

January 15, 2014
New System Progress Report: - Excellent progress has been made on the new system this month. The core system and design are complete and right now, we're just filling in the details to replicate as many features as possible from The design is far superior to and will allow us to continue to operate and actively improve upon it. Another month or two, and we'll be ready for BETA testing.

November 7, 2013
Internet Explorer 11 fixed for - Recently, a user informed us of a problem with Internet Exploer 11 not working properly with We have researched and solved the problem. Please let us know if there are any other issues with IE11. The site was down for a few hours this morning so we could patch the server to resolve the problem with IE11.

The new system is progressing slowly. We are at least 6 months away. Some people have complained about the new monthly subscription format. We are working on a flat fee alternative. Some have questioned whether the remaining of any subscription will apply to the new system. They will... we will handle it in the fairest way possible.

October 5th, 2013

Dear User:

I founded in 2006, exactly 7 years ago today. I have enjoyed working on and watching the project help others over the years. However, recently, I realized that a big change will be necessary to allow to continue and be taken to the next level.

I am currently working on a completely new version of this project. It will be vastly different from what you currently see. I realize that this will be difficult for some to adjust to, but I promise you that it is absolutely necessary if this project is to continue.

Here are some current facts about the new system. I encourage you to contact me if you have any major concerns or questions regarding any of these:

  • The new system will be mandatory. will be decommissioned after a certain amout of time (possibly 6 months from launch of the new system)
  • The new system will not be named
  • The new system can be used for things other than Home/Visiting Teaching.
  • The new system will allow you to have a completely isolated and separate assignments list for each month.
  • The automatic Emails will no longer be customizable. Once the notification Email is received by the reporter, they can view a custom message for the group after they click on the link and visit the site. Perhaps a short customizable section will be available in the Email, but the notification Emails will be relatively static. This is to ensure more reliable delivery of Emails.
  • All reporters (teachers) will need to opt-in to receive Emails from the site. You will be able to view the list of teachers and whether they're opted in.
  • If a teacher has not accessed the site within one year, that teacher will automatically be opted out and they will need to opt-in again. Teachers can opt-in themselves or you can send them a notification requesting that they opt-in.
  • The new system will have an option to move your data over.
  • You will be able to modify assignments information online. However, if you upload assignments files, the names of the individuals must be the same or the system will treat them as new.
  • The new system will not assume that anyone has been taught at the end of the month. They will show as NOT REPORTED until someone marks them off.
  • The new system will support all mobile devices properly.
  • The new system will notify reporters by SMS Text Messages and Email. Voice notification is a future planned possibility.
  • The new system will not support events at first. Events will be added later.
  • The new system will provide far greater flexibility on when notifications are sent to reporters (teachers).
  • The new system will provide far more flexible reporting capabilities.
  • The new system will store all answers to questions online... this includes Comments from teachers
  • The new system will allow the reporter (teacher) to comment on each question or assignment.
  • The new system can notify the Presidency immediately when any particular question is answered by a teacher.
  • There will no longer be an annual subscription. Instead, it will be month to month. The cost for Home/Visiting Teaching will be approximately $1.25 per month plus an additional cost dependant upon how many notifications (Email and SMS Text) are sent to the members of your group. The cost per notification is undetermined, but will probably be around a penny or two.
  • The new system should be ready for launch within the next six (6) months.
  • There will be no futher updates or enhancements to

I will update this list as other major changes become apparent. I am confident that the new system will be far superior and allow us to continue to provide a fantastic reporting tool for the future. However, I also believe that there will be some pain in moving from the old system to the new. Please be patient as we work through the issues. I do not expect a perfect launch, but we will do our best to make it as painless as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Brad Oldham Founder

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